How to Monitor Your Employer Brand


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    You did your research among target talent and current employers. Then, you started designing an Employer Branding Strategy that would help you cover the needs and expectations that surfaced in your research. Later on, you implemented the strategy and techniques that would give show you as a great place to work. What now? How can you make sure your brand is being portrayed the way you planned? But also, how can you make sure this strategy that you put so much thought into, is working? How to Monitor YOUR Employer Brand? Let’s find out today!

    Why Should you Monitor Your Employer Brand?

    There are several reasons you should monitor your Employer Brand. And one of them is, of course, to make sure all the effort and thought put into the strategy is paying off. Companies in the Aquaculture, Seafood and Fisheries industries are very competitive, especially when it comes to talent. So, one of the main perks of monitoring your Employer Brand is to know where you are standing in this race for talent. Knowing you are an employer that job seekers are looking to engage with, can help you boost your brand in other aspects. And in this sense, you become more familiar with how the different channels are behaving and how it complements your goals. Then you can focus more on the channels that are giving you better results. Optimizing your Employer Branding and Attraction strategies.

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    If the brand is not being perceived positively, or as you expected, monitoring your strategy will provide you with the opportunity to rebrand. Redesign and rewrite your messages. You want your message to communicate exactly what and how you feel, but also to be accepted by your target.

    How to Monitor your Employer Brand

    Now that it’s clear it’s an important thing to do, let’s cut to the chase, how can we monitor our Employer Brand?

    Online Reputation

    We shop, meet, and even work online. Most of the things we do nowadays are in the online realm. And as organizations, brands, and employers, it has become one of the main points of interaction with customers, providers, and talent. Social media plays a central role in our employer brand. And since it’s one of the main outlets to communicate our message. It is also one of the outlets by which people look for and talk about us. They are great to monitor how our target talent is engaging with our content and the things they are saying.

    Monitor Employer Brand

    From Facebook to Glassdoor and walking through LinkedIn and Twitter. All of these platforms let us track almost every bit of information from our content. Comments, clicks, likes, engagement rate. If all these are positive, then we can be certain our employer brand is working effectively.

    You should take note of positive and negative comments equally. Both will help you shape and reshape your employer branding strategy. Glassdoor and LinkedIn are channels you want to give special attention to, as job seekers will find you there as their first resort. On these two platforms, current and former employers, as well as people that participated in your recruitment processes, will be able to rate you.

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    Track your Numbers

    First, be aware of what your starting point is, right before laughing your strategy. The numbers you want to keep a track of are Retention Rate/Turnover Rate, Employee Satisfaction, Cost, and Time per Hire. These are metrics that you should be already collecting, and if you are not, this is a “metric check”. Once you have set these baselines, track them regularly. For example, weekly, or biweekly, depending on what results you start getting in.

    These metrics will help you, first by setting a mark on how to start planning your employer branding. And then they will help you have a quantitative analysis about how your strategy is working overtime.

    Own Up the Feedback

    You should utilize and make the most of every feedback you receive. Number one, the feedback you receive from your current employees is the Rosetta Stone to every single one of your human capital and HRD processes. Conduct surveys and meetings with your current employers. This will give you an insight into how they feel about the organization and the company’s culture. Number two, candidates are also a valuable source of information. Their perception of your company is not exactly that one of a bystander but is not one from inside. So their point of view is a unique one. You want to see how others view your company when they have no stakes in it.

    Both these pieces of information will help you in improving and building your employer branding strategy. However, if you are ready to scale your Employer Branding Strategy and start seeing good results, contact us today!

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