Why Should you Invest in Your Employees


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    In a previous post, we talked about the hyperspecialization of talent in the Aquaculture Industry and we gave a brief wink to how as an organization you can engage in the qualification and education of your employees so they have the necessary skills you are looking for. In another post, we also talked about the importance of investing in your organization’s resources. And we always like to highlight your company’s Human Capital as your most valuable resource. Today we want to further discuss why you should be investing in your employees’ careers and skills development, and in a future post, we will be talking about the different ways you can do so.

    You need to make big decisions. Perhaps acquiring some new equipment, software or investing your time studying what the best ROI would look like. I recommend that you invest in your team as much as you do in other aspects. “But wait, because Aquaculture production and equipment are way too expensive”. And you are right, this is why you want to invest in your staff. To make sure your investment in those other business aspects is safe and secure at all times. Qualified and specialized employees will know exactly how to care for your investment.

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    Reasons to Invest in your Staff

    Yes, protecting your assets is definitely important, but let me tell you that is not it. There are more reasons why it is important to invest in your employees in the long run. Employee development is an essential factor to good Employer Branding practices, and I have talked about that in the past. And as such, it comes with all the benefits of a good Employer Branding Strategy.

    Employee Engagement

    if your employees are engaged with their roles and organization they will tend to be more productive and less inclined to feel burnout in the long run. Engagement means your employee feels connected yo their work and are loyal to your company, which makes them less likely to leave. Investing in your team’s skill and career development will create opportunities for them on a personal and professional level. We are creatures that are always excited about learning new things and growing in different aspects of our lives.

    Talent Attraction

    Every organization wants to have the best talent among its employees in order to optimize its business. Your employees want to feel like they are more than just the labor and muscle of your organization. If job seekers and prospective employees see that your company engages in the development of your employees, then you will have more value for them. Attracting good candidates in which you will invest in, will then save you time and money when looking for high-end and executive roles to be filled in.

    Internal Promotions

    Attracting great talent, check. Retaining great talent, check. Optimizing business results, check. But the benefits of investing in your employees go beyond that. An employee that is happy with their job in a company that invests in their development, will see there is a growth path laid out in front of them. If your company invests in the development of its employee’s careers and skills then it will promote upward mobility within the organization. This will save you time and money when looking for senior employees, because they have already been in the company for some time, and know the nooks and crannies of the company.

    An Investment that Returns

    There is a popular saying that goes “What if I invest in my employees and they leave?” only to be followed by “What if you don’t and they stay?”. The Return of Investment on Employee development may not be immediate and automatic. However, offering a career path and development within your company will pay off. Your employees will produce higher quality results if you are providing the right tools and training them with the right skills and knowledge.

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    In a future post, we will be talking about the different ways you can start investing in your employees‘ career and skills development.

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