Product differentiation or how to make the difference in aquaculture

    Although aquaculture is a production-oriented activity, the progressive maturity of the sector is making product differentiation increasingly frequent and necessary.

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    Back in 1973, Jacques Cousteau said “we have to stop being hunters in the sea and become farmers and agriculturists. Because that is civilization”. Almost 50 years later, his suggestion is a reality. Regardless of the species, the production system, or the country where it is carried out, there is one thing that all those involved in the aquaculture industry agree on: it is the most sustainable way to produce healthy animal protein to feed the world. Based on that premise, and knowing that the growing demand for fish was not met due to declining catches, it is normal that, for a long time, aquaculture production has developed primarily as a production-oriented activity. However, the progressive maturity and saturation of the sector make product differentiation an increasingly frequent and necessary strategic positioning in aquaculture. Quality versus quantity, or at least together with it. Making a difference through the product.

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