What is Mental Health and Why We Need to be Paying Attention to it?


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    Humans belong to different action and interaction campuses. All of which makes us sociopsychological individuals. It is important for our development across our social campuses, to feel comfortable and happy among them. This is why our mental health plays a key role in each of our interactions with our world. But what is mental health? Sometimes is a word that gets thrown around a lot.  

    Mental Health, according to the World Health Organization “is a state of well-being in which an individual realizes his or her own abilities, can cope with the normal stresses of life, can work productively and is able to make a contribution to his or her community.” Mental health consists of emotional, psychological, social as well as physiological factors. All these factors influence the way we act, feel, and think. Mental health is important throughout our lives and the different social campuses we interact in. 

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    Why Workplace Mental Health Matters 

    Our well-being in every campus is tightly correlated to all the other campuses. Meaning, for example, that when a person is suffering at home, their performance in school and work will be affected. The absence of mental health leads to illnesses such as anxiety, depression, stress, and others.  

    Depression has become the leading cause of disability across the world, as we can see when depression causes part-time workers to miss 5% more workdays than their colleagues. A per stress, 51% of employees report feeling and being less productive at work when suffering from it. Mental illnesses affect employees’ productivity and engagement. But organizations are key in the assistance of employees going through hard stages. 

    How can you help your employees? 

    mental health
    1. Beating the stigma, speaking openly about it either if it is from a personal experience or an article you have read. When speaking openly about it will help others realize they are not alone. 
    1. Healthy workspace, it is important for your employees to be cheered/boosted and energized by their work environment. Recent studies have shown that when people feel comfortable at their workspace their engagement and productivity increase. 
    1. Anonymity, keep it anonymous/confidential, some people might feel uncomfortable discussing their thoughts or individual experiences. Be sure that your employees know that their privacy is your top concern. 
    1. Make your employees feel appreciated, understood, and hopeful. 
    1. Stay up to date with the latest information (tools and resources) regarding mental illness and make sure that information about it is easily accessible for all employees.  
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