Who wins the race for talent?


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    In today aquaculture, seafood and fisheries employment market what grows very impressively and in same time the need for talents grow with it one fact come ahead other that recruiting graduates or talents with a 5-7year experience gives a headache, and you do not know how to approach them and how to make your business a target for these talents then it’s time to add some drops of creativity to the recruitment process, and in same time adapting to the needs of new generations. 

    The new key factor in today successful recruitment process concerns the creativity of the recruitment team to develop the description of positions or announcements in an attractive mode. Adapting to present and next generations needed or immediately improving the choice of potentiated candidates it is a must. 

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    From our experience in the last 2 years we have noticed more and more at Talents with high potential that this category of Talents grows more and more, and they put in balance the expectations companies has with what they can offer! 

    Even the recruiters in aquaculture industry don’t stay behind as they are interested in the preferences of Talents looking for a job or open for a new position to analyze whatever company’s expectation are close to those of potential candidates. 

    Recruitment through professional networks 

    Today, the most commonly used recruitment methods are professional networks and specialized sites. “It’s important to be an attractive employer brand, for example, To show the culture, the possibilities of the company and to establish relationships with potential candidates, possibly before contacting them about a professional opportunity. 

    Be Open. Be Honest 

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    Transparency is essential to attracting and retaining great talent. We define transparency as this: telling what you can and explaining what you can’t. Sharing openly encourages your people to give you the benefit of the doubt. Critical to building loyalty. 

    Target people with potential from competitors 

    Identifying and addressing your competition can also provide you with an important resource of suitable candidates, it is your decision when to turn to this method. 

    Creative Thinking 

    Regardless of the job and its related duties, new talent must be sold on the fact that there will be creative thinking involved. This allows them to feel connected and enjoy their work. Studies show that 50% of today’s workforce is not engaged at work. This means they are simply “showing up.” That also means that a good portion are actually disgruntled. It’s up to the leaders to provide opportunities for creativity. If you can get that right, everyone wins. 

    Did you find the right solution for you? We have! 

    Although solutions to find people exist, you can still face the big demands of future employees, not just in terms of salary. “Wage expectations, large or not, are a result of high competition between employers relative to limited resources by sector. In addition, it is the only obvious criterion in the candidate’s eyes ” 

    So, do give in, even if many young people have high job demands, there are candidates who put more emphasis on their professional development and are looking for jobs to provoke them, you will find this Talents and much more on AquacultureTalent 

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