Loch Long Salmon’s Director says it’s the right project, and it’s in the right place

    "Salmon needs a chance to change for the better", says Stewart Hawthorn after National Park officials recommended denial of the permit and questioned the effectiveness of semi-closed containment technology.

    The recommendation from Loch Lomond & the Trossachs National Park officials to members is that they refuse the application for Loch Long Salmon project in Beinn Reithe. However, as both the company’s director and the Park’s communications team remind us, we have to wait until 31 October, when the Park Board will make its decision. The future of Scotland’s first salmon farm with semi-closed containment technology is still up in the air, but that doesn’t put Loch Long Salmon’s Director, Stewart Hawthorn, off. “Our objective is to convince the Planning Board on the 31st of October that this is a good project”, he tells WeAreAquaculture.

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