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The renewal is for two years

Mowi Canada West’s and Grieg Seafood BC Ltd.’s salmon farming licenses in British Columbia, Canada, are up for renewal by 30 June 2022. The 2-year term will allow the development of a transition plan for salmon farming in this zone.

According to a statement, the plan is expected to be completed in 2023. Moreover, is based on consultation with industry and other stakeholders.

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To clarify, Mowi Canada West will continue to work with the Canadian Government and First Nations. Thereby, will ensure a future for sustainable and viable salmon farming in British Columbia. Also, securing important jobs for the province and rural coastal communities.

On the other hand, Andreas Kvame, CEO of Grieg Seafood ASA said: “We see the renewal of our licenses and the commitment to work together with us to develop a transition plan as a sign that Canada wants a thriving, sustainable salmon farming industry in British Columbia.

Finally, he added: “We welcome the transition. We look forward to being working with all levels of Government. Including our First Nations partners, to find a stable, secure, and common path forward in BC.”

In addition, Canada’s Salmon farmers have already welcomed its Government decision.

About Mowi ASA

Mowi ASA is one of the largest seafood companies in the world, and the world’s largest producer of Atlantic salmon. It has worked with the same strain of salmon since its beginnings in 1964.

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The company has its own breeding and genetics department. The strategy is to produce own eggs to secure the selection of the best genetic properties.

It has invested in significant efforts and resources to improve the performance, disease resistance, welfare, and quality of the fish.

About Grieg Seafood

Grieg Seafood is one of the world’s leading salmon farming companies, targeting 90 000 tonnes of harvest in 2022 and 130 000 tonnes in 2025. Its farms are in Finnmark and Rogaland in Norway, and British Columbia and Newfoundland in Canada.

On the other hand, the headquarter is located in Bergen, Norway. More than 750 people work in the company throughout our regions.

Towards 2025, it aims for global growth, and cost improvements and to evolve from a pure salmon supplier to an innovation partner for selected customers.

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