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    The Talent Cluster is made up of excellent professionals as we have shown you in our previous posts. Today we want to share Aleksander Botn-Langøy’s story. How he got to be a part of our team and the role Aquaculture plays in his story.

    Aleksander was born and raised in Trondheim, Norway. “I was so lucky I was born in the year when the Winter Olympic Games were held here in Lillehammer, Norway”. He is our Advisor at DB Partner and has been working with us since 2019! A lot of his day he spends it working, however, he defines himself as a very active person. He has a lot of interest in indoor and outdoor physical activities. “I also like to hang out with my good friends, when they are asked to describe me, they use words as hardworking, ambitious, and in general a very happy person that spreads out positive vibes”. 

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    How did Aleksander Botn-Langøy Dive into Aquaculture?

    We have shown you how different people end up in this industry, and it is no different for our team members. For Aleksander, he was not sure what he would do after his 16 years of school life. During that time he started working part-time in a gym, we told you he is very much into physical activities. And then he also performed his duty as a Norwegian citizen to be in the military. He always had an interest in sales and logistics, in addition to “the interaction with people. By now, I am quite an extrovert myself. So, when I was done with my military service I started my academic journey at BI Norwegian Business School”. From where he graduated in 2019 with a bachelor’s degree in Sales Management and Personal Sales.

    “The reason I was driven into this company and of course the Aquaculture industry were the fact that I was going to be able to work in staffing and interact with Norwegian and global candidates on a daily basis. This job chose me as much as I chose it!”.

    Growing Within the Organization

    “Ever since I started in this job back in 2019, my personal development has been overwhelming, to say the least. My professional development, on the other hand, along with all these experiences, complement each other. I know I still have a lot to learn, but it feels good being encouraged to develop my skills in a good and educational way”.

    Aleksander’s main goal at the moment is to hone the skills he has gained through work. “I want to seek how far it is possible to climb in this company. I am prepared and motivated to put in the work needed for this to happen”. His inner inspiration is that he believes DBP has a huge potential in the upcoming years, as it will continue growing with the industry. Which we all know is happening each day, so be prepared, Aleksander.

    How Was it to Dive Head-first From School to Work?

    Aleksander defines himself as a practitioner rather than a theorist. It was no doubt for him which situation and environment would be the best for him to thrive. “In retrospect, I see that it was wise of me to start the application process as early as I did. This allowed me to start working shortly after my graduation.” he describes working as being good, challenging, and with a steep learning curve, however, he is all up for challenges.

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    His biggest shock during his training period was how long it was.

    “Which was quite the change from my different part-time jobs, this does maybe show how complex the job as a consultant in a staffing agency for the aquaculture industry is”.

    Aleksander’s Accomplishments at DB Partner

    For Aleksander Botn-Langøy, the Aquaculture industry has its ups and downs, just like any seasonal business would. “Working with people doesn’t always go according to plan. That’s when you have to be proactive in handling the situation. Making sure DB Partner can deliver to its customers at all times, and keeping high-quality talent for their high-quality operations.”

    Aleksander’s biggest achievement was when Cermaq Rypefjord requested extra staffing. “They had received recommendations from their sister factory, Cermaq Steigen. A salmon factory that DBP has had as a client since 2020, under my responsibility. They were told that if they had a need for extra staffing they should contact us. This is something we highly value, and is an expression of trust from our clients. Cermaq Rypefjord has now been a client of ours for several months”.

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