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    We recently shared Aleksander’s story. In order to keep showing you the faces behind The Talent Cluster, today we bring you Andrea Mujica’s story. Andrea has been working with AquacultureTalent and WeAreAquaculture since early 2019 and is currently our Researcher and Editor. Andrea graduated as a Social Psychologist from Universidad Central de Venezuela. As our editor, she is in charge of the written content behind each of our media, as well as the Talent Views you have been enjoying for this past year.

    “I joined AquacultureTalent as a recruiter, which had been my background for over 3 years at the time. I started by learning so much about this industry I was so oblivious about. The company made sure I received the proper formation when it came to Aquaculture, and from then on it has been a history of falling in love for this industry day after day”

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    Creating Content and Telling Other People’s Stories

    With WeAreAquaculture one of our main objectives is to showcase everything in our industry. There is not another channel that is doing what we do, which is highlighting the important capital of Aquaculture, the people. Yes, we can learn about innovations, technologies, feeds, nets, and whatnot, but the truth is that behind all of those, there are always people.

    “Part of our content is directed towards educating companies in the industry on the best ways to handle the Human Capital, and improve their positioning in the eyes of talent, that is with Employer Branding. Another part of our content is directed to People, for the best management of their own resources and skills. We are coming up with new ways to share content in the industry. And one of them is the Talent Views”.

    As a Social Psychologist, this is what drives Andrea at the moment. Inspired by Mauro Wolf’s paradigms, she is showing the other face of this industry. The different and inspiring Aquaculture and Seafood stories of everyone involved in this industry. “When people ask what is Aquaculture? I always find it pleasant to tell them WeAreAquaculture”

    Andrea Mujica Working with AQT and WAA

    “It has not been a road free of obstacles and challenges. I can sometimes be very stubborn with my personal and political opinions. But it is always enriching to find different opinions among the team. We discuss, elaborate, and walk out with new knowledge every time. I will not say it has been an easy path, but having someone support you and understand you behind the other side of the screen, is always encouraging”.

    The pandemic has not been easy for a lot of people, and Andrea has faced challenges because of that too. But she is glad to say that even though it has taken a lot of personal work, she is happy she has been able to overcome them little by little and is stronger than ever to keep pushing our companies in The Talent Cluster, and the whole industry further. “I sometimes talk about all the accomplishments in the Aquaculture industry as if I was the one behind the labs and machines. And it gets to feel that way. The company and the industry have felt like home from day one!”

    Comparing Aquaculture to other industries

    “This is not easy to talk about. Every industry I have worked on has had its pros and cons of course. But what I find the most interesting about Aquaculture is the willingness everyone has to teach you. Sometimes in IT or Oil and Gas, working as a recruiter, I had to do my own research, which I love doing, before working on a position. And the truth is you always contact experts on these subjects you just spent minutes learning about. These people were not very happy with me not being an expert in their areas, and they could even get upset and rude. However, in Aquaculture, I could freely ask my candidates and the people I interview for my articles, to further talk about X or Y subject, and you would find the busiest Farm Manager or Technician, taking the time to walk you through every detail.”

    Andrea Mujica ‘s Biggest Accomplishment

    “The fact that I have grown and evolved so much professionally. I started as a recruiter, which I enjoyed, and am now working on this and so many more projects to come. Every day I find more things about my potential as a professional and as an individual and get to work on something I enjoy, in an industry that I love, and with people I highly respect. That is my accomplishment, doing something I enjoy doing every day!”

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