TalentView: Debra Hellbach

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    With nearly 40 years of experience in the food industry, Debra Hellbach, Manager at Vancouver Island University’s Centre for Seafood Innovation, has won several awards for her work. An advocate for food in general, and food conservation in particular, this educator is, above all, a born communicator who has always held the seafood industry “near and dear” to her heart.

    She defines herself as “a food evangelist” and is convinced that the best way to educate is through entertainment. If instead of Debra’s TalentView this were Debra’s Show, we bet we’d have a couple of episodes titled ‘Food & Fun’ or ‘Seafood & Education’. The woman who claims that “seafood is healthy, fast food” and her “very different way of thinking about innovation” are here to spread the word. This time, she’s set her sights not only on the public but, more importantly, on students and the industry itself, and she is having fun doing it!

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