TalentView: Øyvind Ihle

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    “A long journey to end up in seafood where I’m happy”. This is a very short summary of the background that has brought Øyvind Ihle to his current position as Chief Marketing Officer at Avramar. Talking to him is like taking a marketing masterclass, so it’s no wonder he’s enjoying the journey of not only building the Avramar brand from scratch but sharing with the world all the health and sustainability benefits of aquaculture. “We have almost too many good things to talk about”, he says. It’s a marketer’s dream.

    “Better fish, better lives” is the company’s mantra, but it could be his personal one. He, who before joining Avramar was already convinced of the benefits of seafood thanks to his work with Omega-3, loves fish and this is reflected in his speech. He no longer markets just a product, as when he marketed toys, he finally found the way “to create a bigger positive impact” he was looking for. Øyvind Ihle is happy because, for him, “seafood is happiness”.

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