TalentView: Pablo Albistur

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    Terms such as structure, control, strategy, order, or efficiency appear continuously in Pablo Albistur’s calm speech. It seems difficult to link them to anything resembling passion until Camanchaca’s Farming Manager does it naturally when he talks about the challenge that brought him to aquaculture. Because, in addition to a headhunter with good eyesight and family plans, it was that, an uncommon challenge, “a much more passionate issue”, that brought him to this sector seven years ago. 

    He came to Camanchaca later, just one year ago. He did it with a commitment, to lead the company’s production, but also with a conviction forged throughout his career: “in any productive industry, in the end, the company’s performance is made by people”. Devoted to technology, or rather, to all its possibilities to improve the salmon farming business and make it more sustainable, Pablo starts each of his working days talking about people. A small gesture that is actually a big sign of what moves this biochemical civil engineer who left the mines to see salmon grow and help feed the world.

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