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    “Quality over quantity tops employers’ demand”, says AquacultureTalent CEO

    According to Cristian L. Popa Aved, the pandemic has forced a rethink of people value Cristian L. Popa Aved, CEO and co-founder of AquacultureTalent, has...

    How can Hobbies Enhance your Resume?

    In previous posts, we showed you the two main ways to build your resume. It may sound obvious, but your resume must be built...

    Lying During a Recruitment Process: Don’t

    There is this movie from -hold my chair- 2009 called "The Invention of Lying" about a world where no one has ever lied. No one. Until someone saw the opportunity to lie for their own benefit. Resulting in them finally getting in a relationship with their crush, becoming a millionaire, and a whole bunch of things. Everything that happens in the protagonist's life after lying is positive. However, that is not how real life works. During Recruitment processes, it is not uncommon to find people lying for their own benefit. Companies, Recruiters, Job Seekers. Unlike in that movie, it is obvious humans have the ability to lie. But where in the recruitment process can you find lies? And, what are the results of these lies? Let's get into it. The Job Description Sometimes problems start...

    How to Properly Build Your Skill-Based Resume

    There are many reasons you may be needing to build a Skill-Based Resume also known as a Functional Resume....

    How to Have a Successful Job Interview – After

    You already learned what you should do before and during an interview. What is really important now is that...

    How to Have a Successful Job Interview – During

    We have all been in that position of applying to a much-needed/much-wanted job. Been there, wanting to do everything...

    Why are there so many unfilled positions in Aquaculture and Fisheries?

    You have probably heard the phrase “catching the right fish”. It has been used for decades in reference to finding the...

    How to Negotiate a Job Offer?

    Finding the right talent for your organization can be difficult. Could probably make you feel like you are competing...

    Apply for the dream job, even if you are not the ideal candidate

    A much dreamed job can also be achieved with a bold attitude, not just a CV that follows all of the employer's requirements.

    Essential knowledge for future jobs in aquaculture and seafood industry

    With smart and smart smartphones and computers, with autonomous machines that no longer need to be in the hands of developing drivers and increasingly cybernetic systems, the next generations need to know to be ready for future jobs in aquaculture and seafood industry?

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