“Unicorn” status for Indonesian aquaculture startup eFishery

    Indonesian-based eFishery has raised US$108 million in series D funding, taking its overall valuation to USD $1.3 billion.

    A new bill in Maine against aquaculture mega-farms

    On Thursday, a legislative committee in Maine, U.S., gave the green light to a proposal to stop large-scale aquaculture projects. The proposal seeks to exclude such projects from the purview of state regulators.

    Start-ups and investors mingle at Blue Food Innovation Summit

    Sustainability, regeneration, collaboration and communication on blue food were among the topics discussed during the summit's final day.

    Seaweed will be part of the Fish Export Act in Norway

    The Norwegian Parliament has unanimously agreed to extend the Fish Export Act to cover seaweed. This would mean that seaweed would be officially classified in Norway as seafood.

    Innovasea and Petros join forces on a offshore farm project in Aruba

    Innovasea and Petros obtained government for a 3,000-ton offshore fish farm close to Aruba in the Caribbean Sea.

    Nueva Pescanova defends its octopus farm project in Spain

    The controversy of the octopus farm in the Canary Islands continues, but the company assures that the project prioritizes animal welfare and complies with European Commission guidelines.

    Fish residues will have a new purpose thanks to a collaboration Norwegian companies

    Holmøy Maritime, Eidsfjord Sjøfarm, and BioMar have initiated a circular raw material collaboration in the production of food for short-distance voyages, in which they will use the residues generated from the fishing activity to become part of the salmon food.

    New industry association to support sustainable aquaculture in Iceland

    The Iceland Aquaculture & Oceans Forum (IAOF) brings together ten leading companies to create a new industry association with the primary goal of supporting sustainable aquaculture.

    Nordic Halibut grows in weight and revenues in 2023

    Nordic Halibut has achieved an optimal biological performance and reached an increase of 26% over the previous year thanks to market conditions and increased harvested weight.

    Lower harvested volume and higher feed prices weigh down Måsøval’s results in Q1 2023

    The company records a loss after tax of NOK 31 million due to the reduction in the fair value adjustment of biomass and extraordinary restructuring-related costs incurred.

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