A new bill in Maine against aquaculture mega-farms

    On Thursday, a legislative committee in Maine, U.S., gave the green light to a proposal to stop large-scale aquaculture projects. The proposal seeks to exclude such projects from the purview of state regulators.

    Seaweed will be part of the Fish Export Act in Norway

    The Norwegian Parliament has unanimously agreed to extend the Fish Export Act to cover seaweed. This would mean that seaweed would be officially classified in Norway as seafood.

    Snow crab season finally begins in Newfoundland and Labrador

    Over six weeks of a dispute regarding the CAD 2.20 per pound panel price for snow crab, harvesters and processors in Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada, have finally reached an agreement.

    Salmon farmers say DFO’s report on the future of aquaculture in BC not distinguish fact from fiction

    The BC Salmon Farmers Association regrets that Fisheries and Oceans Canada has merely reflected the views gathered in the consultations without evaluating them.

    A Canadian factory idled with 120 workers as a result of the snow crab price dispute

    The confrontation between the Fish, Food & Allied Workers Union and the Seafood Producers' Association in Newfoundland and Labrador...

    Three new commissioners appointed by the U.S. to Great Lakes Fishery Commission

    U.S. President Joe Biden has appointed new commissioners to the Great Lakes Fishery Commission. The new members are Ms. Karen Diver of Minnesota, Ms. Shannon Estenoz of Florida, and Ms. Kendra Wecker of Ohio.

    Europe’s massive land-based salmon farm plan up for debate

    On the one hand, there are activists against this type of exploitation. On the other, the promoters of the farm see it as an opportunity to boost EU sovereignty in the industry.

    Norway’s salmon tax decision gets delayed again

    Storting finance committee delays recommendations on the aquaculture resource rent tax another week.

    “We’re in this for the long run,” says Mowi CEO Ivan Vindheim

    WeAreAquaculture spoke to Mowi CEO Ivan Vindheim, who calls the Q1 results "very satisfactory" but says "it’s always about the future".

    Seafood Industry Australia: federal budget a “missed opportunity”

    Australian trade body SIA says the new budget "overlooks" the needs of regional and rural Australia, including seafood producers.

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