Nova Scotia freezes fish farming applications for up to 3 years

    The Nova Scotia government halts new applications while it adopts a "traffic light" system for fish farming licenses, similar to that of Norway.

    Discovery Islands salmon farms closure to be decided in court

    All against the closure of the Discovery Islands salmon farms. That seems to be the watchword after earlier this week the three major British...

    “We lead the way in the work for sustainable cod farming”

    So says Hilde R. Storhaug, Sustainability Manager at Norcod. The company trusts the latest difficulties will not affect its long term.

    European Union and Norway to safeguard western Baltic herring stocks

    The meetings the EU and Norway have been having for more than 4 months finally came through safely. Both have signed three bilateral agreements including quota setting in the Skagerrak and Kattegat, quota exchange between the two sides, and reciprocal access to waters for fishermen. The agreement, as explained by the EU, "will significantly limit herring catches". The areas affected are in order “to protect the herring stock in the western Baltic".

    Non-Norwegian vessels can’t fish snow crabs in the Svalbard archipelago

    The Supreme Court of Norway upholds the decision of the Directorate of Fisheries and the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries, which had already rejected the request made by a Latvian vessel.

    UK is “alone in Europe” in restricting cultivation of Pacific oysters

    Pacific Oysters are considered an "invasive species" in the UK, but many shellfish farmers depend on them. WeAreAquaculture spoke to the Shellfish Association of Great Britain to learn more.

    Last call for the Scottish to apply to the “wild fisheries fund”

    Fishing groups have until March 31 to submit applications to the "wild fisheries fund". The purpose of the program is to help save Scotland's wild salmon.

    Scottish salmon, more than half of fish and seafood exports from Scotland in 2022

    As new data from HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) reveals, Scottish salmon accounted for 56% of all fish and seafood exports from Scotland last year and it is also the UK's largest food export.

    Andfjord Salmon reports “solid growth” in 2022

    The salmon farmer reports strong growth and high survival rate at its land-based pool at Andøya, Norway, with first harvest due in mid 2023.

    GeoSalmo snags new sales and marketing director from Arnarlax

    Iceland's GeoSalmo brings in Jóhannes Gíslason as head of sales and marketing at a crucial phase in the land-based company's development.

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