Lerøy not entirely satisfied, despite 26% increase in revenues in Q1 2023

    In addition to seafood price inflation, the challenging situation in Lerøy's farming segment in the second half of 2022 resulted in a lower-than-expected harvest in Q1.

    Kangamiut Seafood and Oceanpick bring barramundi to Europe

    Kangamiut Seafood and Oceanpick join forces to bring ocean-farmed barramundi from Sri Lanka to European consumers.

    Austevoll Seafood takes note and keeps working

    Austevoll Seafood ASA (AUSS) published its 2022 annual report with a record year, although there are some areas to work on.

    AquaBounty, beyond salmon and North America

    We spoke with Sylvia Wulf, CEO of AquaBounty, about the company's future plans, which can be summed up in two words: diversification and opportunity.

    “We lead the way in the work for sustainable cod farming”

    So says Hilde R. Storhaug, Sustainability Manager at Norcod. The company trusts the latest difficulties will not affect its long term.

    Competing for Success in Norway’s Thriving Aquaculture Industry

    Interview with Ola Kvalheim, CEO of Ode (former Gadus Group) about the company situation and an outlook into the future.

    Leroy Seafood profits drop in 2022

    Leroy Seafood Group (LSG) today announced its fourth-quarterly results, posting record revenues of NOK 26.6 billion in 2022. The...

    Successful first production of Havlandet Norcod

    Havlandet Norcod, the world's largest cod hatchery, started its first production on August 15. The operation has just culminated...

    Nordic Halibut Receives Approval for New Land-Based Facility

    Nordic Halibut, located in Averøy, Norway, received a boost to its development plans with the recent approval of its...

    Nordic Halibut reached a BIG milestone

    Nordic Halibut AS has achieved a major goal of offering sustainable superfood by receiving certification from the Global G.A.P....

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